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Cognitive experiments on the web



Browse our public samples, configure and perform the experiments and review your results all from within your web browser, no signup required.

On all browsers

Perform, configure, and evaluate all experiments and results from any major web browser.*


Perform all experiments on or off site, on the desktop, notebook, tablet or phone.**


Perform all experiments at any time and review all results and evaluations in real time.

Clinical Trials

Manage subjects and test results in a private and secure cloud instance and evaluate cognitive performance metrics in real time.

  • Tailored test batteries.
  • Customized cognitive experiments.
  • On desktops, notebooks, tablets, or phones.
  • Get a free evaluation instance
  • Manage subjects

    Manage the subject pool of your clinical trial and manage arbitrary data points like gender, age, etc.

  • Enroll subjects

    Enroll subjects in batteries or individual tests and monitor their progress.

  • Evaluate

    Collect and evaluate results and generate reports in realtime, define conditional alerts and notifications.

  • Setup Exercises

    Setup exercises, configure the experiment, and customize the instructions.

  • Recruit Participants

    Recruit Participants via email invite or anonymously on your website, facebook, or twitter.

  • Evaluate

    Analyse charts or data and share results with your participants or publish results on your website, facebook, or twitter.

University Edition

Setup experiments and invite or recruit participants via email or social networks like facebook or twitter to teach or research cognitive concepts.

  • Schools or universities.
  • Classroom or distance learning.
  • For students, teachers, and researchers.
  • Get started for free

Try Mental Rotation

Instantly perform Mental Rotation, adjust the configuration, and evaluate your results, no signup required.

  • * recommends google chrome for best results.
  • ** due to the limited form factor and missing keyboard not all experiments are suitable for tablets and phones.