Clinical Trails

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Get a quote and a free, fully functional evaluation cloud instance to verify without any obligations if is the right choice for your clinical trial.


  • Manage subjects

    Manage the subject pool of your clinical trial and track arbitrary data points like gender, age, etc.

  • Enroll subjects

    Enroll subjects in batteries or individual tests and monitor their progress.

  • Evaluate

    Collect and evaluate results and generate reports in realtime, define conditional alerts or notifications. helps you manage the lifecycle of your clinical trail or a subset of your clinical trial and provides realtime insights on the trial’s progress as well as the subjects’ cognitive metrics.

Services is committed to support your clinical trial from the initial conception to execution to evaluation to archiving your data and results. To meet the needs of your trial you may choose from various options and services to guarantee a streamlined experience.

On demand or on premise

Wherever possible recommends an on demand approach. We will setup a cloud instance of exclusively dedicated to your trial. We will configure and operate the cloud instance on your behalf to minimize your efforts and the efforts of your IT department. Everything your instructors and subjects require is access to a web browser, either on a desktop, notebook, tablet, or phone.

If on demand is not an option for your trial we recommend the cube, a preconfigured, modular computer that we ship to your site and that you deploy to your local network infrastructure. Once again everything your instructors and subjects require is access to a web browser.

Transparent Pricing follows a standard process to ensure transparent and fair pricing for clinical trails. As a client you may choose to cancel this process after each step without any further obligations.

  • Free evaluation

    Each clinical trial will receive a free evaluation instance without obligations.

  • Setup

    A one time setup fee for upgrading the evaluation instance independently whether the clinical trial will be conducted

  • Development

    A one time  development fee for requested modifications independently whether the clinical trial will be conducted

  • Conducting Trial

    Fees quoted for number of subjects and number of tests will only apply if the trial is conducted.

Try Visual Analog Scale

  • Visual Analog Scale

Instantly perform Visual Analog Scale and evaluate your results, no signup required.